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Potentates V - Admiral House, Klipsan Beach, WA - Thursday April 14 - Monday April 19



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The Potentates Collective operates something like an expanded Argument Night, except that it is over a long weekend, on a beach, and includes at least 20 minutes of each member performing or presenting anything he or she wants without interruption.  Members are encouraged to present or perform something you have created yourself or just something that really interests you. There are just a couple scheduled evening events and the rest of the time is up to you, with some organized meals, beach walks, etc. played by ear.  We are especially looking for people who enjoy this event and each other enough that you will try to make most of these every year (i.e. twice a year, shortly before and shortly after peak season for beach rentals).  But we also welcome others who'd just like to try it out once.  (Also, while I realize this may present an extra challenge for people who currently have very young children, but I think it is important to the spirit of the event that we keep it adults only.)


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